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July 28th, 2014

Yesterday, we finished our last show, striked the set, had a cast party, and continued the celebration at the apartments. What an emotional day it was! The program was perfect for me and the teachers were so caring and inspirational. I am so blessed to have had an opportunity to learn from them. It was difficult to say goodbye to my peers/new family, and I hope to see and work with all of them in the near future. We have gone through so much together and I love them all so much! This has been a life changing program and am so thankful to have been apart of it.

I will go into the “real world” with confidence of who I am as a person and artist and it’s an amazing feeling!

Thank you, OperaWorks!


July 24th, 2014

Well, today was technically the last day of the program at OperaWorks. We had Aria Marathon Day 2 and it is amazing to see all the changes in myself and my colleagues/friends/new family! What an incredible day of performances. I feel so great! I have all the tools I need to go on and have a great audition season. I have permission to have fun while performing and to pick myself up when feeling low. What incredible gifts we have all been given. It seems so simple, and yet it is something artists don’t think much about.  Tomorrow we have our dress rehearsal, yoga, and wrap-up. The time here has flown!!

Get tickets to OperaWorks reconstructed: The Heist! Two shows only July 26th at 7:30 PM and the 27th at 2 PM. Looking forward to sharing the stage with all these incredible people!!

July 18th, 2014

Week 3….what an interesting week. I struggled this week everyday, but still felt open to learning and growing. I am still trying to put the pieces together and find the words to describe this week. If there is something I have learned this week, it is that whatever my thoughts and fears are are all important. Anything I think or feel is all valid.  So, I will just leave it at that.


July 11th, 2014

Week 2 at OperaWorks has ended and I can already see and feel the difference this program is having on me. This program is incredible and so well planned out.

I am definitely VERY busy, but love all the changes I am feeling. This week I learned, I am enough! I am enough right now, in this moment. What an incredible gift to be given! I am so happy!

On to the weekend!!!


P.S. the gym at this school is AMAZING. The pool is definitely my favorite lap pool I have ever used.

July 4th, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

I finished week 1 and this week has been incredible. My mind has exploded about 20,000 times! Every class has been fascinating, intriguing, and unexpected. I get so wrapped up in the class and before I knew it, the class was over. I love the small class size as well and am so impressed with my colleagues.

We had a pot-luck and now I am off to the Queen Mary to watch the fireworks!

Enjoy the holiday!


June 29th, 2014

I am in LA!! Today, was the first day of the OperaWorks program and what a day it was! We had breakfast, was ushered into the theater to meet the faculty and start Aria Marathon Day 1. It felt scary, but set a precedent for what is to come. It looks like they are going to be keeping me very busy. Here goes nothing!

P.S. I am already in love with the California weather!!


June 22nd, 2014

That’s a wrap! It is bittersweet to say goodbye to my CSO family, but this week is full of prepping for LA, teaching lessons and tying loose ends since I will be gone for 5 weeks! I look forward to this week and then being reunited with my love at the end of this busy week!

This Friday, I am honored to sing for a middle school friend’s wedding. I am so happy for Sarah and Richard and wish them a lifetime of happiness. I am thankful to be apart of this important day!


June 16th, 2014

Things are really coming together! We had a cover run yesterday and it was great!! Come to Edgebrook Lutheran Church on June 19th or 20th to see “The Magic Flute”!

The countdown to LA begins: 12 days!!

Goodnight, all!



June 5th, 2014

Wow, almost done with week 2, but yesterday was a meaningful one. I got to sing in a masterclass with Julia Faulkner. I felt like I found my voice again! It was so great. I was so appreciative for the feedback and look forward to the last two weeks of this great program.

Also, love my new friends. I am having SO much fun!!


June 1st, 2014

Week one of Chicago Summer Opera is complete!

It has only been one week, but living in Chicago with my best friend and meeting the people in this program has SO great! There are so many talented people here and great coaches to learn from!

I love everything about my life right now! I cannot wait to see what the next week brings.